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Root Canals

The longer you ignore a toothache or loose tooth, the more likely you will lose the tooth. In Hollywood, Florida, a root canal from Vadim Valdman, DDS at Allure Dental of Hollywood may save your teeth while eliminating the source of pain. To find out if your tooth needs a root canal, call the office or schedule an appointment online at the first sign of a toothache or loose tooth. Now seeing patients in Cooper City, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, and Davie, FL. 

How do root canals save damaged teeth?

During root canals, Dr. Valdman cleans decay from the inside of the tooth, fills it with replacement material, and seals the tooth to prevent bacteria and stop the growth of decay. 


Root canals protect damaged teeth from continued damage, often saving a tooth from falling out or needing extraction. 

What symptoms may need root canals?

Scheduling a professional dental cleaning and exam one to two times per year is the best way to find out if you need a root canal, but if you experience any of the following symptoms in between your appointments it may indicate you need a root canal:


  • Tooth pain
  • Large cavity
  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Gum swelling
  • Face or neck swelling
  • Sensitivity to temperature


Don’t wait until your next scheduled dental cleaning and exam if you experience any of these symptoms. The sooner you schedule an appointment with Allure Dental of Hollywood after noticing problems the better your chance of saving the damaged tooth. 

How are root canals performed?

Dr. Valdman examines your teeth and takes X-rays to determine if a root canal procedure is right for your situation. He also completes a medical and dental history review. Allure Dental of Hollywood uses advanced dental technology to preserve your damaged teeth with root canals.


Dr. Valdman administers local anesthetic prior to starting the procedure to ensure you remain comfortable, but ask about sedation dentistry options if you have dental anxiety.


First, Dr. Valdman uses dental tools to remove decay from the outside of your tooth. Then he opens the tooth to remove infected portions of the tooth’s pulp and canal. After removing all signs of decay, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and flushed with medication to help prevent infection. 


Before sealing the tooth to prevent bacteria from entering the pulp, Dr. Valdman fills the cleaned tooth pulp with dental materials. You may also require a dental crown over the tooth receiving a root canal to provide stability if large portions of the tooth were removed to eliminate decay.

Will I be in pain after the root canal?

You may experience temperature sensitivity after a root canal. Some people also have mild discomfort for a couple of days after a root canal, but over-the-counter pain relievers should help you manage any pain.


Don’t ignore toothaches or swelling. Call Allure Dental of Hollywood or schedule an appointment online today. Now seeing patients in Cooper City, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, and Davie, FL.