Modify Your Gummy Smile with a Laser Treatment

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Modify Your Gummy Smile with a Laser Treatment

When you have small teeth or excessive gum tissue, your smile may appear gummy and awkward. Learn how a nonsurgical laser treatment can eliminate excess gum tissue with results that give you a reason to smile.

If you’re hiding your smile because you're embarrassed by its gummy appearance, it may be time to consider a nonsurgical laser treatment.

At Allure Dental of Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida, our experienced dental team offers smile makeovers to improve your smile aesthetics and boost your self-confidence. We provide comprehensive dental exams to ensure laser therapy is the right treatment option for you and prioritize your health throughout your procedure.

Causes of a gummy smile

A gummy smile, known as excessive gingival display, describes excessive gum tissue above the front of your teeth. You may develop a gummy smile because of:

Excessive gum tissue

Some people have excessive gum tissue. This abnormal gum tissue overgrowth causes your gum tissue to cover more tooth surface than normal as your permanent teeth erupt.

Gum inflammation

Gum inflammation or infection can also make it appear as you have too much gum tissue.

Short upper lip

Short lips can cause your upper lip to rest higher than usual when you smile. This means that when you smile, you show off your gums just as much as your teeth.

Misaligned bite

If you have an overbite and your top jaw doesn’t align with the bottom jaw, you can develop the appearance of a gummy smile.

How laser treatments can reduce a gummy smile

When you’re bothered by your smile because of excessive gum tissue, you may be a candidate for laser treatments. Lasers replace the need for traditional invasive surgery to remove excess gum tissue, so you can enjoy better outcomes and less complications.

Our providers use advanced laser technology to remove excess gum tissue, so more of your teeth are noticeable when you smile. We can also improve the contours of your smile line by reshaping the tissue that remains. This gives you a more even-looking, aesthetically pleasing smile.

Laser gum treatments are virtually pain-free, and you may only need a few days to recover fully. Other benefits of laser treatments for a gummy smile include:

  • Immediate results
  • No incisions
  • In-office procedure
  • Fast treatment times

We can also use laser treatments to address existing infection or inflammation in your gums that affect both your smile and your oral health.

Other options for improving a gummy smile

If removing excess gum tissue isn’t enough to enhance your natural smile, our dental team offers other smile makeover services to get the job done.

When your smile appears gummy because of short teeth, you may benefit from composite bonding or veneers to lengthen your teeth. Our providers can also recommend treatments to address issues like a jaw misalignment that causes an underbite or overbite and makes your smile look gummy.

Additionally, through our smile makeover services, we also offer professional in-office teeth whitening services to whiten and brighten your teeth by several shades, so you’ll have a smile that you’re happy to show off.

Don’t hide your gummy smile any longer. Call or click online to schedule a smile makeover consultation at Allure Dental of Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida, today.