Is Invisalign the Best Option for My Overlapping Teeth?

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Is Invisalign the Best Option for My Overlapping Teeth?

Invisalign isn’t the only option to fix overlapping teeth, but it may be a great choice for you. Learn more about the Invisalign system as well as your other possible treatment options for crowded, overlapping teeth.

If you have an overbite or underbite and are in need of solutions to treat your overlapping teeth, Invisalign® may be a more efficient and affordable treatment option.

At Allure Dental of Hollywood, we specialize in customized Invisalign treatment plans to fix misaligned teeth, so you can achieve the great-looking smile you deserve. Our experienced dental team offers comprehensive oral health exams to assess your needs and determine if Invisalign is a suitable treatment for you.

Reasons that your teeth overlap

Overlapping teeth can develop for genetic reasons, such as if your mouth is small and there’s not enough room for your teeth. You might also experience overlapping teeth if your lower and upper jaw bones aren’t the same size.

Other common causes of overlapping teeth include:

  • Having extra teeth
  • History of thumb sucking
  • Previous jaw injury
  • Periodontitis (gum disease)

Poor-fitting crowns and other dental appliances can also shift your teeth out of place and cause them to overlap.

Potential complications of overlapping teeth

Any tooth misalignment can lead to ongoing oral health problems, including dental decay and gum disease. One of the most common reasons people opt to fix overlapping teeth, however, is because they’re embarrassed by the appearance of their smile.

Our dental team also encourages people to proactively address overlapping teeth to prevent complications like chronic pain, chewing difficulties, and jaw dysfunction. Straightening your teeth can also help prevent abnormal enamel wear, thereby lowering your risk for recurrent cavities and other tooth damage.

Exploring your treatment options for overlapping teeth

At Allure Dental of Hollywood, we specialize in several therapies, including Invisalign, to improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile.

The Invisalign system uses a series of clear aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. Over time, the custom-made aligners effectively shift your teeth into a healthier position. Invisalign works as quickly as traditional metal braces, and is generally well tolerated because there’s no brackets to bond to your teeth or wires to tighten.

However, Invisalign isn’t a treatment option for every individual with overlapping teeth. For instance, if your teeth are very crowded in your mouth, you may need tooth extraction surgery to remove one or more teeth. Our team may also recommend traditional braces if you have a severe tooth or bite misalignment.

We also provide complete smile makeovers using dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth. A smile makeover may be a great option if you have multiple missing teeth or teeth that are severely decayed.

The first step to a better smile

If you’re ready to get a brighter, more aligned smile, the first step to take is to schedule an oral health evaluation with our dental experts. We assess the condition of your teeth and discuss your smile expectations.

If your teeth are otherwise healthy and the overlap isn’t severe, we can get you started with Invisalign. After taking digital scans of your mouth that help us design your clear aligners, we create a treatment plan to straighten your teeth efficiently and effectively.

If you’re not a candidate for Invisalign, our providers discuss the other options available for overlapping teeth, so you can make the most informed decision about your oral health.

Call Allure Dental of Hollywood to schedule an evaluation of your overlapping teeth today, or book an appointment online any time.