Dental Implants vs. a Bridge: 3 Benefits of Each

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Dental Implants vs. a Bridge: 3 Benefits of Each

Missing teeth don’t just affect your smile, they can also decrease your overall oral health. Learn more about the benefits of using dental bridges or implants to replace one or more lost teeth.

Losing an adult tooth is pretty common. In fact, 69% of adults aged 35-44 have lost at least one of their permanent teeth. Risk for additional tooth loss increases as you get older.

At Allure Dental of Hollywood, our skilled dental team offers solutions to protect your smile and your bite after tooth loss. We specialize in both bridges and dental implants and help you make the most informed decision about which restorative option is best for you.

What to know about bridges and implants

If you haven’t needed a bridge or implant until now, you may not understand the difference between the two. Here’s an overview of what you get with each:

Dental bridge

A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. The bridge consists of one or more artificial teeth connected to supporting anchor crowns on either side. Crowns are tooth caps that fit over the teeth on each side of the empty space. To be a candidate for a tooth-supported bridge, your gap-adjacent teeth must be healthy enough to support a crown.

Dental implant

Dental implants require a surgical procedure to implant a titanium post into your jawbone in the area of the missing tooth. Over time, the post fuses to your bone and creates a supportive anchor for an artificial tooth (crown).

After a period of healing, our dental team attaches your artificial tooth over the post to restore your smile and bite capability.

Benefits of dental bridges

Dental bridges offer many benefits for those who are missing a tooth due to decay or injury. They’re an ideal solution if you’re looking to replace a tooth quickly and without surgery.

Other benefits of dental bridges include:

1.Improved oral health

Getting a bridge can improve your oral health and prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place. Replacing your missing tooth with a bridge also improves your ability to chew normally and speak clearly.

2. Fast smile restoration

Because a bridge doesn’t require invasive surgery, you can get your smile back in just two visits to our dental office with minimal recovery time.

3. Affordability

Dental bridges are often covered by insurance and cost less than dental implants. They can last 7-10 years to preserve your oral health and smile.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are an effective solution if you’re missing one or multiple teeth. They offer several benefits over bridges, including:

1. Long-lasting results

Dental implants offer the longest lasting results currently available. Implants can provide results for at least 15 years and up to a lifetime with proper oral care.

2. Natural-looking smile

Dental implants provide results that look natural for a longer time than bridges. With age, the artificial tooth on a bridge can look less natural but dental implants retain their appearance for much longer.

We can also offer a complete smile makeover using dental implants if most of your teeth are damaged or missing.

3. Restore jawbone health

Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to shrink over time, making your teeth shift and ultimately leading to jaw problems. Dental implants help prevent bone shrinkage to revitalize your jawbone health.

If you’re missing one or more teeth, our dental team can help you review the pros and cons of bridges and dental implants. We also offer comprehensive dental exams to determine which solution is the right fit for you.

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