6 Invaluable Benefits of Dental Sealants at Any Age

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6 Invaluable Benefits of Dental Sealants at Any Age

There’s a significant difference between your risk for cavities when you have dental sealants compared to when you don’t. Here are six important benefits dental sealants can offer every member of your family — from young kids to adults.

It's common for kids to get dental sealants throughout their childhood, but did you know you can benefit from sealants at any age?

At Allure Dental, our experienced dental team provides dental sealants for children and adults to protect all our patients’ oral health. Sealants offer many benefits over your lifetime, and if it's been a while since you had a treatment, now’s the time to schedule an appointment.

An overview of dental sealants

Dental sealants are a dental coating we paint over the chewing surface of your back molars.

After applying a thin, acrylic coating to your teeth, the liquid sealant travels down into the grooves of your teeth and quickly hardens. This provides extra protection against cavities and tooth decay in baby teeth as well as adult teeth.

In addition to providing long-lasting cavity protection, dental sealants offer other benefits for your teeth and overall health.

Benefits of dental sealants for adults and children

Dental sealants get into the hard-to-reach crevices of your teeth where bacteria can build up and lead to the breakdown of your tooth. This extra protection benefits you in several ways:

1. Better dental hygiene

The grooves in your back molars can make removing bacteria, food particles, and other debris difficult. Even advanced toothbrushes can’t always reach every part of your tooth, allowing debris and plaque to build up in the deepest parts.

The protection sealants offer can reduce your risk for cavities by 80% if the sealant remains in good condition.

2. Immediate protection

Dental sealants are quick to dry and harden. Once complete, they offer reliable, immediate protection against cavities and other tooth damage. The sealants we use are also white or clear, so there’s no noticeable difference between the sealant and your natural tooth enamel.

3. Long-lasting protection

After you get dental sealants, they can provide cavity protection for up to two years. You may even get a longer period of protection when you brush properly, schedule routine dental cleanings, and avoid biting hard objects. If you inadvertently damage a dental sealant, our dental team can repair or replace it during your next visit.

4. Less risk for expensive dental procedures

Proactively protecting your teeth from bacteria and decay can greatly reduce the need for fillings, crowns and bridges, extractions, and other dental procedures. 

Many insurance companies provide coverage for dental sealants too, so sealants for yourself and your kids are usually fully covered or readily affordable.

5. Fast, in-office procedure

Applying dental sealants is an easy and comfortable procedure. After thoroughly cleaning your teeth, we prepare the surface of your tooth with a dental gel so the sealant will bond well. We also use a special light that cures the sealant onto your tooth so you don’t have to put off eating or drinking after your dental appointment. 

6. Early cavity treatment option

In some cases, dental sealants can be applied over areas of your teeth that show early signs of decay. This prevents further tooth damage that requires repair. Our team checks your tooth at every dental cleaning and exam to ensure the sealant continues working to prevent decay.

To learn how dental sealants can benefit you and your family, call Allure Dental of Hollywood in Hollywood, Florida, today, or click online to book an appointment any time.