5 Reasons Dental Implants Are the Healthiest Tooth Replacement Option

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5 Reasons Dental Implants Are the Healthiest Tooth Replacement Option

Even one missing tooth can have lasting consequences on your oral health. Learn more about dental implants and why they’re the healthiest treatment option for most people.

Losing one or more teeth doesn’t just affect your smile — your oral health can suffer, too. If you’re looking for a lasting solution to replace missing teeth, dental implants are the healthiest option.

At Allure Dental of Hollywood, our skilled dentists offer custom dental implants to replace a single tooth or multiple missing teeth and prevent long-term oral health complications. We offer comprehensive dental exams to ensure implants are a viable option for you.

What to know about dental implants

Dental implants involve a surgical procedure to implant a titanium post (artificial tooth root) into your jawbone. Over time, the post fuses with your bone and provides an anchor for an artificial tooth, usually a dental crown.

Once you heal from implant surgery, our dental team attaches an artificial tooth that looks and functions just like your natural teeth.

Implants are a convenient, more permanent option for tooth replacement than bridges and dentures. We use high-quality material to replace individual missing teeth or several teeth; we can also replace all of your upper and/or lower teeth with fixed, implant-supported dentures.

Advantages of dental implants for tooth replacement

Dental implants also offer other benefits that support your oral health. Here are five advantages dental implants have to offer:

1. Gum preservation

When you lose teeth to decay or an injury, your risk for gum disease and recession increases.  Since your teeth provide support for your gums, getting implants ensures your gums stay healthy.

2. Jaw preservation

Your jawbone is also supported by your teeth. When you’re missing one or more teeth, your jawbone can break down prematurely. Dental implants preserve existing bone and prevent additional bone loss to protect your overall oral health.

3. Alignment support

Missing teeth can cause your remaining teeth to shift out of place, leading to a crooked smile, tooth pain, increased dental decay, and other complications. 

4. Cavity prevention

When your teeth shift out of alignment, brushing and flossing becomes more difficult. Without good oral hygiene, your risk for cavities, decay, and additional tooth loss increases.

5. General health improvements

Missing teeth can make chewing food difficult. Some people may not be able to eat a balanced diet because chewing is too painful. Dental implants restore your ability to eat all the nutritious foods your body needs to stay healthy.

Good candidates for dental implants

While not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, those who are can enjoy the lasting functional and aesthetic benefits implants offer.

Our dental team reviews your oral health to determine if implants are a viable option for you. We take X-rays of your teeth and jawbone and assess the alignment of your natural teeth.

In general, you need to be in good health, be free of gum disease, and have sufficient bone in your jaw to support the implant posts. If you have existing dental issues that need to be addressed before you get implants, our team outlines the next steps for moving forward with needed treatments.

Dental implants also require a time commitment to complete the procedure. Following implant surgery, your jaw needs time to heal and fuse with the artificial root before we can attach the new tooth. Healing can take several months, so you’ll need to have some patience with the process.

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