General Dentistry: Why Dental Cleanings Are Necessary

General Dentistry: Why Dental Cleanings Are Necessary from Allure Dental of Hollywood in Hollywood, FLPractitioners of general dentistry provide a comprehensive list of dental procedures for patients. Your general dentist is your primary dental caretaker. Dentists evaluate tooth and gum health and treat cavities, abscesses, and dental abnormalities. As part of preventative treatment, dental professionals also perform teeth cleanings.

The dangers of missing dental cleanings

Regular dental cleanings remove plaque, stains, and tartar from your teeth. The dentist begins with an examination. Next, the professional uses special tools to remove plaque and tartar. Following the cleaning, the dentist may polish your teeth with a fluoride paste. This polish helps prevent tartar buildup.

Dentists recommend a routine cleaning appointment about once every six months to prevent various oral conditions.

Higher risk of developing gum disease

Pockets may begin to form at the gum line when plaque and tartar build up. The plaque and tartar serve as an irritant. As the pockets form, bacteria, plaque, and food enter the openings and cause further inflammation. The inflammation eventually becomes gum disease. With advanced gum or periodontal disease, you can lose teeth and bone.

Patients with gingivitis and periodontal disease can still have cleanings. Instead of regular cleanings, they receive deep cleanings. Deep cleanings prevent gum disease from advancing rather than preventing the occurrence of it.

Developing tooth decay

Bacteria live within plaque and tartar. The bacteria from the buildup produces acids that break down tooth enamel. Cavities result from the deterioration of the enamel. Without regular cleaning, you have a higher chance of developing multiple cavities on your teeth. Additionally, cleanings help the dentist catch the decay quickly to reduce further harm.

Developing bad breath and staining

Without a dental cleaning, you cannot remove plaque or tartar. Brushing, mouthwash, or mints may not cover up bad breath caused by a lack of professional cleanings. In addition, dentists may need to use special tools to remove some stains from your teeth.

Missing oral cancer detection

You may not think about general dentistry when you think about cancer detection. However, dentists can detect abnormalities that may indicate oral cancer. Oral cancer often goes undetected at first, so regular dental cleanings help you catch it early.

Developing other health conditions

Your body can ingest and absorb anything in your mouth. A large number of bacteria or an infection may spread to your bloodstream and other areas of the body. Poor oral hygiene may have a connection to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks.

Developing pregnancy complications

Many women do not realize the dental hazards during pregnancy. While pregnant, hormones fluctuate. The fluctuations make women prone to gum disease and infections. If an infection spreads through the bloodstream, it can harm the baby. Sometimes, dental infections cause low birth weight and premature birth. Some women may suffer tooth loss as a result of gum disease during pregnancy.

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General dentistry is critical to a patient's overall health. Regular dental cleanings also have a purpose. They preserve your oral health, prevent cavities, and reduce the chance of developing gum disease.

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