When Your Child Should See a General Dentist

When Your Child Should See a General Dentist from Allure Dental of Hollywood in Hollywood, FLGeneral dentistry is essential for good oral health at every age. Some parents assume that children do not need routine dental care until permanent teeth start to arrive. However, children of all ages should see a dentist on a regular basis. Parents must also be mindful of their child's tooth and gum development and check often for signs of potential dental issues.

When to take a child to the dentist

Most children should see a dentist once every six months. Certain symptoms or specific instructions from a dentist may warrant more frequent visits.

Routine cleanings and checkups

According to the American Dental Association, regular general dentistry visits should begin by age 1. This allows dentists to check for proper development while encouraging good home care habits for healthier teeth and gums. Routine appointments for young children can also help them learn to feel more comfortable at the dentist's office.

Children of all ages are at a much higher risk for tooth decay than many adults. Some of the common risk factors for cavities in children include:

  • Prolonged bottle and pacifier use
  • Frequently drinking milk, which is high in sugar
  • The inability to brush and floss thoroughly
  • Thinner tooth enamel
  • Diets high in sugar
  • Transferring more bacteria into the mouth through finger sucking

Children should see a dentist at least twice a year for cleanings to help reduce the risks of tooth decay and to help detect cavities early.

Cavity symptoms

If a child develops the symptoms of a cavity, it is important to schedule a general dentistry appointment right away. Early detection can result in less invasive treatment, which can be important when caring for young children. It is important to note that all cavities should be treated, even when they occur in baby teeth. Failure to do so could lead to more decay and potential infections.

Prematurely lost teeth

Losing baby teeth is a normal part of childhood. However, if a baby tooth is knocked out prematurely, it is still important to see a dentist for evaluation. Premature loss of a baby tooth can sometimes be problematic and lead to alignment, speech, or digestive issues. Dentists can place temporary spacers when needed to prevent these issues.

Tooth injuries

A chipped or cracked tooth is relatively common among active children, but it still warrants a visit to a dentist. Many times, this type of damage is not serious and can be left unrepaired if it happens to a baby tooth. However, if the damage is severe enough to expose the softer tissues of the tooth, treatment may be necessary to prevent decay or infection.

Signs of infection

Dental infections should be taken very seriously in patients of all ages. If a child complains of severe or persistent pain, inflammation, or oozing at the affected area, it is likely because of infection. Any of these symptoms combined with a fever or feelings of malaise require immediate treatment.

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Just like adults, children require routine general dentistry care. Preventative cleanings and prompt treatment can help them maintain good oral health, even at a young age.

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