4 Common Dental Treatments from a General Dentistry

4 Common Dental Treatments from a General Dentistry from Allure Dental of Hollywood in Hollywood, FLA general dentistry practice is involved in a wide variety of services and procedures. A general dentist has the training and experience to perform preventive care as well as diagnose and treat numerous dental issues. An exam can detect what is going on, and certain treatments are performed more commonly than others.

Common dental treatments

The dentist will first perform a general dentistry exam to diagnose the specific issue, which includes a visual inspection of the mouth, teeth, jaw, and soft tissues. It may also include a probing exam and possibly X-rays.

1. Fillings

A number of things, including wear, trauma, and decay, can damage the structure of a tooth. Therefore, fixing a cavity is one of the most common reasons for a dental filling. The dentist drills a hole in the tooth during the procedure and removes the decayed or damaged portion. This area is then filled with a material such as resin, porcelain, or gold.

2. Root canals

A root canal is often needed if a tooth becomes heavily decayed and the innermost portion becomes infected. The inner part contains the pulp, which includes nerves and other tissues. Infection of this area results in sensitivity and severe pain. If the infection remains, it can spread to other areas of the mouth and even the body.

The dentist makes a hole in the tooth during a root canal and extracts the damaged tissue and debris from the root chamber. The area is then thoroughly cleaned and filled in.

3. Crowns

Dental crowns are used for various reasons in general dentistry. A crown is a tooth-colored cap placed over a badly damaged tooth. For example, a dentist may use a crown if decay has ruined most of the tooth or if a tooth is badly broken. Crowns are sometimes used as anchors for dental bridges and artificial teeth in implants.

A crown must be manufactured in a lab, so the process generally takes two visits. The first visit aims to treat and fix the affected tooth, take a mold for the crown, and match it to the surrounding teeth. While waiting for the permanent crown to be made, a dentist will usually place a temporary crown on the tooth. The permanent crown is fitted and bonded in place during the second visit.

4. Tooth replacement

Replacing missing teeth is another common treatment in general dentistry. There are varying options based on factors such as the number of missing teeth, the jaw's structure, the patient's aesthetic goals, and the patient's budget. Common choices include dentures, bridges, and implants.

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In general dentistry, a dentist can perform a number of treatments to fix decayed, infected, damaged, and missing teeth. General dentists can also identify other less common issues and help prevent oral health complications from arising or developing further. Our team can conduct an examination, make a diagnosis, and help you get the treatment you need.

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